North America LibreOffice Community DVD


About this DVD

  • Developed by members of the LibreOffice community in North America.  Web page link
  • includes English, French, and Spanish language install files.
  • Contains LibreOffice - Free Software under a dual LGPLv3 (or later) / MPL license.
  • LibreOffice is developed by, and a trademark of, the Document Foundation.
  • Original art work and associated files on the disc are released under a Creative Commons licnse, with exception of official LibreOfficie logo graphics.
  • Duplication of this media is encouraged!
  • We welcome a wide circulation!
           (The various licenses for the content must still be observed.)

Files for duplicating the DVD

Disc label artwork Disc case cover artwork Disc informational brochure
na-dvd-label.png Cover artwork for tall DVD case Information insert - pdf file